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J._LipkowskiProf. dr. hab. Janusz Lipkowski
The Chairman of Warsaw Scientific Society
The Leader of The Polish Congress Ambassadors Chapter in years 2005-2009, 2009-2011 and 2012 -2014
”I would like to encourage everybody who considers the organisation of international conferences in our country to become acquainted with the Programme by contacting the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organisation.”

Lech WałęsaLech Wałęsa
The President of The Republic of Poland in years 1990-1995
The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1983)
”We live in a globalised world that requires the new order as well as new programmes and structures. Dialogue is essential to achieve it.”


TeodorczykProf.dr hab.inż. Andrzej Teodorczyk
Full Professor of Warsaw University of Technology
The President of the Polish Combustion Institute
"By working in such a narrow scientific field as combustion, I am recognised and trusted enough for the international organisation to entrust me with organisation of meetings and conferences, which, besides their content value, are a great opportunity to promote Poland. It is very rewarding.”
J._FraczekProf. nzw. dr hab. inż. Janusz Frączek
The Professor of Warsaw University of Technology
The Head of the Machine and Robot Theory Department

”Activity in the world of science requires not only conducting research, but also the promotion of one’s own achievements in the international community. The most convenient form of this promotion is scientific and business meetings. The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program gives significant help in planning and organising such meetings. The programme brings benefits not only to its organisers, but also, in the broader meaning, it promotes and publicises information about society, culture and our country. As Polish Congress Ambassador, I would highly encourage everyone to integrate activities to assist the organisation of scientific and business meetings within our programme”.

WitkiewiczProf. dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Witkiewicz
The Chairman of the Voivodeship Specialist Hospital, Research & Development Facility in Wrocław
The President of the Governing Board of Polish Surgeons Association
Member of the Therapy and Medicine Sciences Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences

”The Title of Honorary Polish Congresses Ambassador is an honour, privilege, but also an obligation. It is an encouragement to take on assignments with the objective of promoting the image of Poland’s regions and achievements worldwide. By acting within scientific, economic, cultural and health organisations, and participating in international meetings, the candidates nominated for this honourable citation are spreading knowledge about their city, region and country, and fulfilling the social role of Polish Ambassador.”

steciwkoProf. dr hab. Andrzej Steciwko
The Chairman of the Polish Association of Family Medicine
The Head of the Department and Faculty of Family Medicine at Wrocław Medical University
The Vice-Chancellor of the State Medical Higher Vocational School in Opole

“Polish science and its observed progress in scientific research conducted in our leading Development and Research Centres in many areas, is at the European and even global level. Partners from all over the world are not only willing to participate in various Congresses and Scientific Conventions, and are ready to undertake cooperation in the field of scientific research related to various medical and other disciplines, but they are also prepared to collaborate with employees of various Scientific and Cultural centres in our country. Therefore, I think we should take on this great opportunity to act together to organise many major scientific, cultural, and sports events that would bring measurable benefits, as well as promote particular Polish regions and the leading academic and cultural centres. Let us make the most of this chance we have”.



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