Polish Congress Ambassadors Program


Polish Congress Ambassadors 2009Polish Ambassadors are professional people from fields as varied as life sciences and technology, sport, leisure and law. They have a major influence over their international associations’ choice of conference destinations. Over 70% of international conferences are won due to the key role played by a local Ambassador.

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program was created by Polish Tourist Organisation and The Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association.

Our Polish Ambassadors receive the professional support and experience of the Poland Convention Bureau. We recognize the key role Ambassadors play in securing a congress, conference and that’s why we provide all the support, resources and promotional material you might need to attract conferences and events to Poland. What’s more, our assistance is free of charge.

Polish Ambassador Program Committee nominating a maximum of 20 new Ambassadors each year. There are 255 active Ambassadors at present. An annual gala dinner is held to celebrate those who’ve successfully won bids.


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