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The seaside location of Pomerania always had a huge influence on the region’s development. Maritime transport contributed to the development of the industrial base, which was located in various localities in the region thereby providing employment and contributing to an increase in the wealth of the inhabitants. It can be stated that this wealth is here centuries-old tradition. The wealth of merchants affiliated to the Hanseatic League is commonly known. They were able to appreciate the unique atmosphere of the city and organised in Artus Court meetings, which today we would call business meetings. For the sake of tradition, we care about the development of an attractive facilities where such meetings can be held.


The Tri-City is a resort with three major metropolitan cities of the region: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. There is a number of luxury hotels here, conference centres, as well as trendy clubs and cultural facilities. In Pomerania region, apart from conference facilities in the big cities there are numerous hotel and conference centres located in the vicinity of nature and landscape peculiarities.


The entire Pomerania Voivodeship is a trunk full of treasures and related mysteries. Gdańsk National Museum attracts with the triptych "The Last Judgment" by Hans Memling. In the gothic cathedral in Pelplin one can see one of the world's 47 surviving copies of the Gutenberg Bible,  and in Slupsk: the biggest collection of art pieces by Witkacy.


The Pomerania Voivodeship also boasts a substantial legacy of the Teutonic Order. Following the Trail of the Gothic Castles, one can admire the biggest brick fortress in Europe, i.e. the castle in Malbork and vibrant life of chivalry strongholds in Gniew and Sztum. This venue hosts both knights tournaments and demonstrations, and it offers sightseeing tours in the medieval atmosphere. The stronghold in Kwidzyń a special place, where the fourteenth century “gdanisko”, a secluded tower-latrine, was preserved.


pomorskie_slowinski_PNThe rivers of the Pomerania Voivodeship are perfect for rafting trips. Żuławy -cut across with a mesh of channels can be nicely explored by bike, just like the coastal area extending from Ustka to Krynica Morska.


The tourists resting on the Hel peninsula will visit the only Polish seal aquarium and in Puck they can taste bantczi, the Kashubian (dried) flounder. And no one should forget about the ambers. They are easiest to collect after the storm.

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