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Podkarpackie region, in line with the requirements of the modern world, focuses on modernity, which is manifested in the development of all of the available infrastructure and creating new opportunities for both residents as well as potential investors from home and abroad.


Solina Lake, which is the pride of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, was created as a result of a hydroelectric dam construction on the San and Solinca rivers in 1960. Today it is a paradise for sailors who have at their disposal over 2000 hectares of water surface. Water flows into the lake directly from the wild Bieszczady Mountains, considered to be the least contaminated mountains in Poland. San and Wisłok rivers, which are c the cleanest rivers in Poland, cut across the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.


One of the biggest attractions of the region is the Bieszczady narrow-gauge railway, built in the late nineteenth century. The area is also famous for persistent and strong horses - Hutsul horses, one of the oldest breeds of horses in Poland. Today Hutsul Horses are bred in Wołosate and Gładyszów.


Podkarpackie_BieszczdyThe towns in the Voivodeship are also worth a visit. Przemyśl is famous for the fortress built by the Austrians, the largest after Verdun and Antwerp. Sanok is known for an open-air museum (which has completely furnished farms, Orthodox and Catholic churches, schools, mills, forges and windmills), as well as the collection of paintings by the Zdzislaw Beksinski. In Krosno, on the other hand, the visitors can enjoy the finest in Europe collection of the oil lamps and memorabilia of the inventor of this method of lighting - Ignacy Łukasiewicz.


A characteristic element of the Podkarpackie landscape are the Orthodox churches, today the monuments on the Route of Icons. They were build by Łemks and Bojks, displaced west from here, after the World War II, by the communist authorities under the Operation Vistula.


In the 1950s the Bieszczady backwoods were a prison for Polish Primate. Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski was interned for a year in Komańcza, in the monastery of the Sisters of Nazareth, where tourists can see the equipment of his room, even a stick with which he roamed the area.


The first in the region five-star hotel BRISTOL Tradition & Luxury was built in Rzeszów in 2012. Speaking of the meetings industry one should also mention the Castle and Park in Baranow Sandomierski, Hotel Solina Spa and Training and Holiday Centre Zielona Polana.

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