Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia

dolnoslaskie_4Lower Silesia - Eldorado for tourists


The main and the biggest centre of Lower Silesia is Wroclaw. The major cities include also: Legnica, Jelenia Gora, Walbrzych and Zielona Gora. Lower Silesia has an extensive conference infrastructure. Moreover, the region offers high quality services provided by the hotel and conference facilities and a number of tourist attractions.


The selection of locations for the congress, conference or training is very wide. There are both luxurious, fife-stars hotels as well as cultural facilities and historic castles perfectly prepared for meetings and events.


One of the larger hotels having great facilities for both conference and recreation purposes is the Golebiewski Karpacz Hotel, where, for example, an international conference with the participation of even 1,800 people can be organised. The largest conference rooms in Lower Silesia are in: Qubus Legnica Hotel which can host a meeting for a 1,000 participants, the Regional Centre for Business Tourism, Orbita Hall, also in Wroclaw as well as the Toya Golf & Country Club in Wroclaw.


Those interested in organising a meeting at the five-star hotel standard should be familiar with the offers of such hotels as Sofitel Wroclaw Old Town with conference facilities prepared for 300 people, Platinum Palace in Wroclaw with the conference room for 170 people, the Radisson Blu Hotel Wroclaw, with the conference room for up to 140 participants or e.g. The Granary - La Suite Hotel with more cosy meeting facilities.


The cultural facilities such as the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, Współczesny Theatre in Wroclaw or the Theatre of H. Modrzejewska in Legnica also provide rooms for the needs of business meetings.


One in four Polish mansion, palace or castle is located in the Lower Silesia region. Many of them are suitable for conferences and other business meetings, combining a historical architecture with the modern solutions, in its interiors or in the courts.


dolnoslaskie_1The Na Skale Castle, Kliczków Castle, Czocha Castle, Książ Castle, Moszna Castle and Wojanów Palace should also be mentioned as castles and palaces, which offer both historical value and conference facilities. They provide both the beautiful historical interiors that are full of legends, the modern conferencing solutions as well as the beautiful parks and landscapes.


Kotlina Jeleniogórska, located at the foothills of the Karkonosze Mountains (also known as the Valley of Palaces and Gardens or the Valley of the Kings) is second to none in Europe. In the nineteenth century it was a favourite vacation place of the Prussian rulers. On a relatively small area of 100 square km there are over 20 sumptuous palaces and mansions. The architects have designed the beautiful landscape parks full of romantic nooks, oak alleys, ponds and artificial ruins. The park in Bukowiec reflects the different stages of human development. The visitors can find here the original grotto, stone circles, a Greek temple, a medieval tower and a Gothic abbey. The Valley of the Kings has a chance to be listed in the prestigious group of monuments protected by UNESCO. The facilities in Lower Silesia so far, recognised by the international organisation include the Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica ,built without of clay and wood  a single nail and the modernist openwork Hala Stulecia (the Centennial Hall) in Wrocław.


Lower Silesia has a fascinating history and it knows how to make use of it. The Romanesque monuments from almost 1000 years ago (Olbiński portal in Wroclaw, the Cistercian monastery in Trzebnica and the church in Świerzawa) are the architectural “hits” on an European scale. The vibe in the monumental medieval monasteries in Lubiąż, Henrykowo and Krzeszów resembles that of "The Name of the Rose" movie.


dolnoslaskie_5The huge undergrounds built by the Nazis during the Second World War, in Góry Sowie (the Owl Mountains) have been adapted into three underground tourist routes. Tourists can also visit the old mines, e.g. gold mine in Złoty Stok, successfully organising familiarisation events along with alternative forms of sightseeing.


The South corner of the region is the kingdom of mountains: starting from the ragged, almost alpine ranges of Karkonosze, by gentle slopes of Góry Sowie (considered to be one of the oldest in Poland) to the maze of the only top plate mountains in Poland - the Stołowe Mountains.

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