Kuyavia - Pomerania

Kuyavia - Pomerania

kujawsko_pom_1Kuyavia - Pomerania – the history lesson


The Kuyavia - Pomerania is a region, which as one can say doubles the pleasure of staying therein. These are two very different, in historical and geographical terms, sub-regions, situated on both banks of the Vistula river. Everything here is double - starting from the name of the Voivodeship, its capital cities, to the cultural and natural attractions. The most important cities in the region are Bydgoszcz and Toruń. Situated next to each other, both cities are well inter-connected by fast roads, railways and even waterway. Together they create the so-called twin-city, which is the double Capital City of the region.


Bydgoszcz is a city located by the Brda river, famous for the so-called Wenecja Bydgoska (the Venice of Bydgoszcz), formed by connecting the town, by charming little bridges, with Wyspa Młyńska (the Island of Mill). There you can find historic barns, a medieval cathedral and Art Nouveau houses that are at your fingertips. The modern Opera Nova, located nearby, reminds about one more asset of Bydgoszcz - the vibrant musical life. It is kujawsko_pomalso the perfect venue for business events for up to 1,500 people.


Toruń is a prestigious academic centre and a jewel of the Gothic architecture. With its historic buildings, the Old Town and the14th century Town Hall, the town houses and fragments of the castle walls it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Mikołaj Kopernik a famous astronomer was born in Toruń. The town is also famous for making the delicious gingerbreads. The sweet aroma  of these sweet treats, baked according to traditional recipes from 500 years ago floats throughout the city.


Biskupin is an ancient Slavonic settlement, which is also known as the "Polish Pompeii". Here the foundations of a prehistoric castle from 2700 years ago was discovered, and then the ramparts, gates and huts were reconstructed. Great archaeological events are held in Biskupin and it is the site of filming many Polish historical productions.


The brick monuments are the remnants of the Teutonic Order’s presence in the lands. The perfectly preserved monumental castle of the Teutonic Knights in Golub-Dobrzyn is a great example thereof. Every year,  spectacular Knights Tournaments are held here, with the participation of Polish and foreign knights. Whereas a famous Gothic church is the Parish church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Chełmno. It can boast with the relics of St. Valentine, which brought the name of the regional capital of lovers to the town.


kujawsko_pom_3Kuyavia - Pomerania is also a Mecca for those seeking health regeneration, physical purification and biological balance. One heath resort is Ciechocinek, the other Inowrocław. At this point it should be mentioned that both resorts host many cultural events providing great entertainment and effectively brightening up the stay of guests.


There are many spots with unspoiled nature in Kuyavia - Pomerania regions, especially in the great forest complex of Bory Tucholskie, second to the Bialowieza Forest, largest forest complex in Poland. The 321,000 hectares of forest and meadows interspersed by clear waters, over which hovers only the silence and millions of cubic meters of clean, fragrant balmy air.

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