4Undoubtedly, the biggest shopping center in Lublin and Lublin province is Atrium Felicity with an area of 75 000 m2 and 120 shops, located in the Economic Zone of Lublin. The most important and best-known shopping and entertainment centers are also Olimp Gallery, Lublin Plaza, Tarasy Zamkowe, Zana Gallery or Orkana Gallery. Shops and boutiques offer a wide selection of brands of clothing, shoes or jewelry. Surely a hot coffee will please you with its flavors while shopping.



3Lublin is known as a city of inspiration. The city is situated in Eastern Europe on the borders of European Union . It has been the capital of reputable international film festivals, theatres and music for many years now, such as the International Theatre Confrontations, Art’n’Music Festival, the International Days of Documentary Film “Crossroads of Europe”, Festival of Central Europe Theatres “Neighbors”, the Magicians Carnival, the European Flavours Festival or the International Folklore Meetings.


Culture & Art

2Lublin is the city with 700-years old history where three cultures meet: Christian, Orthodox and Judaic. Lublin Old Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Poland. It impresses the unique authenticity, originality and atmosphere of previous centuries. Piwnica pod Fortuną walls are covered with Renaissance polychrome – unique paintings of secular theme.


Food & Drink

1Traditional regional Lublin cuisine is originating from the menu ancient inhabitants of the region. They mix Jewish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Tatar, Hungarian and even Armenian flavors. The most popular meals include Lublin vorschmack, meals made from buckwheat and various types of dumplings.


travelling by train

pocigIn 2016 there were 81 railway connections toLublin per day (14 times more than in 2014). Train from Warsaw to Lublin lasts currently 2 hours and 10 minutes at frequency of every hour. In 2017 railway tracks on this route will be modernized so the travel time will be shortened to 1,5 hours.

travelling by car

autoThrough the region lead international and national routes: from Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw to Minsk and Moscow (road A2 – E30); from Warsaw to Lviv, Odessa and Kiev (17 – E372). The part of this road - from Warsaw to Lublin is an express road which was dedicated to the use (58 km) or is under reconstruction on the express road (33 km).


travelling by plane

samolotLublin Airport has a status of the international airport, operating scheduled and charter airlines to European cities. It has Civil Aviation Authority and is equipped with navigation aids to support landing in low visibility ILS CAT II. 


public transport

transport miejskiLublin is one of three cities in Poland, next to Gdynia and Tychy with trolleybuses . “The Mascot” of Lublin is Ziutek, restored Soviet trolleybus. You can explore the city in it. Lublin focuses on low-carbon public transport.


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