public transport

transport_miejskiThe economic potential of a metropolis is, among other factors, a function of well organized public transport which enables the residents to move smoothly from and to school, work, and places of leisure. The main organiser of the public transport in the Gdańsk Metropolis is the Metropolitan Transport Association of the Bay of Gdańsk (


travelling by plane

samolotPoland’s accession to the European Union and opening the skies to low-cost carriers have triggered increase in air transport. The number of regular flights, passenger traffic, and the volumes of the cargo handled in Gdańsk are growing year by year.


travelling by train

pocigFour international railway trunk lines cross the voivodship: from Gdańsk via Szczecin to the German border, from Gdynia via Warsaw and Cracow down to the Czech and Slovak border, from Gdynia via Bydgoszcz, Łódź, and Katowice to the western and southern state borders, from Gdynia via Olsztyn to Kaliningrad, or via Białystok to Belarus.



travelling by car

autoThe Metropolitan Area and the region lie exactly on the convergence of international trunk transport corridors running from Scandinavia and North-Eastern Europe to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea in one direction, and from the northern part of Western Europe to Eastern Europe.



Gdansk_Shopping_02Shopping means something else for tourists and for people who live in Gdańsk. In the times of globalization there are many shops that can be found in every European city and those are not the shops that tourist are looking for. The most important are the shops in which you can buy something that is characteristic for the Region.


Food & Drink

Gdansk_Food__drink_03Food and drinks are as important to tourist as the places they visit. Every Region of Europe wants to be recognized not only by the monuments, but also by what is served on the table. Gdańsk is famous for Kashubian cuisine, Gdańsk vodka and the beer… from all over the world.



Gdansk_entertainmentGdańsk has different forms of entertainment to offer, depending on the age, and also on the money we are planning to spend. We offer special tourist routes for entire families, for the one in love and for those who value peace and quiet. It is possible to sightsee the city ridding a bike on many bicycle routes. You can sail and surf (not only in the Internet).


Culture & Art

Gdansk_culture__artThe culture and art are the legacy left by generations living in Gdańsk for over a thousand of years. The city’s difficult history has not always allowed to preserve authentic works of art. Centuries-old buildings  which can be admired today in Gdańsk, were rerected in the 20th century after they had been damaged during the war they still present great value. They help to feel the atmosphere of historic Gdańsk.


baner kongres ang

Poland Meetings Impact


Stars Hotels Rooms Beds
5* 4 364 715
4* 7 778 1360
3* 17 1204 2534
2* 8 302 582
Economy 110 1992 5021

Conference Venues

Name Pax.
Hala Gdańsk-Sopot 15 000
Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie 1 500
Filharmonia Bałtycka 1 100
Sheraton Conference Centre & Spa 1060
Centrum Stocznia Gdańska 1 000
Dom Muzyka 725
Centralne Muzeum Morskie 660
Mercure Hevelius Hotel 640
Bardo 555
Multikino 490
Opera Bałtycka 470
Dom Muzyka 400
Teatr Wybrzeże 400
ORBIS Gdynia Hotel 400
Merkury Hotel 380
Sofitel Grand Hotel 374
Scandic Hotel 366
Dal Hotel 340
Hotton Hotel 330
Novotel Centrum 285
Leźno Palace 270
Radisson Blu Hotel 262
Dwór Oliwski 240
Nadmorski Hotel 240
4 Seasons Hotel 235
Kozi Gród Hotel 226
Centrum Energetyk Hotel 190
Rezydent Hotel 153
Bartan Hotel 130
Wolne Miasto Hotel 120
Columbus Hotel 115
Galion 109
Zhong Hua Hotel 106
Villa Sentoza Hotel 100
Górski Hotel 100
Villa Eva Hotel 90
Aureus City Hotel 90
Antares Hotel 65
Oliwski Hotel 65
Villa Baltica Hotel 40

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